When God Speaks Clearly … So Must We (Part One) Video version


It is sad that many Christians are afraid to speak up on matters God clearly addressed in His Word. Fear that we will be called haters or not exemplifying the love of God. Neither is true, and we know it. In Part One of this message, born out of frustration over the constant celebration of the unbiblical, sinful lifestyles, I address many of the verses in Scripture that speak directly or indirectly to the sins of practicing homosexuality. I am very clear on what God considers sin and what He does not. For example, temptation is not sin. Falling into it or giving in is. By sitting back and allowing such an agenda to grow and permeate our society as cultural norms, we allow them to affect our children and grandchildren. That is a key piece of their agenda. Christians need to have the courage to “speak the truth in love” and disagree. Disagreement on positions of religion and even political matters is a constitutional right or at least it was. This message should bring some clarity to what God said in His Word. Whether you disagree or not is a matter to take up with Him.