A Father’s Day to Remember


For a number of years as my father-in-law’s health declined and his Homegoing drew closer, I felt compelled to have our families spend ‘my’ Father’s Day honoring him by traveling to his nursing home in the Memphis area to love on him because we never know when it’s going to be the last time.  As Spurgeon said so well. “Our duty is our delight…”  

My last act as the next senior dad in our families was to gather all of us around Dadaw, as he is known to his grands, lay hands on him, and pray.  The most important part of my prayer was answered this morning.  Dadaw was ushered gently Home – his spirit safely in the presence the Savior he loved so much. 

We are so blessed our entire family was able to make the trip to be with him one more time this side of Heaven.  My daughter was very excited to take our new grandson to meet his great grandfather.  He seemed alert enough to know we were there.  His quips slowed over the years, but he still had the occasional one that defined his wry sense of humor. 

My dear brothers, do not take such days and times for granted.  We have no promise of a next day or even our next breath.  But if you are in Christ, you have the most important promise of all – eternal life spent in Heaven with Jesus and all the saints who have gone before and those who will follow us Home.  It was a… 

Happy Father’s Day indeed,